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Vintage 12" Field Coil Speaker w/ Output Transformer...Good Shape...Look
Hi Everyone! Up for auction is a vintage 1930s or 1940s 12" field coil speaker by a unknown make with output transformer attached and in good shape. Cone has no damage but some fading of the paper and ...  More
Braun A/D/S L-100 ( the OUTPUT C model ) bookshelf SPEAKER PAIR
The classic quality Germany made Braun (A/D/S) model L-100 ( the OUTPUT C model) bookshelf speaker pair as pictured. They're in good working/ sounding condition ( tested) Note: This selling is final ( ...  More
2 altec TMA201 output for western electric 350B from A333 amplifier
2 Altec red white blue TMA201 output from altec A333 amplifier Can use for western electric 350B PP .Guarantee good coil. Shipping and Handling : 70.00 ( worldwide ) Shipping via International Priorit ...  More
Infinity Polycell High Output SM 122 Tweeter Speaker Driver Working Perfectly
Classic & Vintage Gear Quality, tested audio components and parts. Unique objects offered. Infinity Polycell High Output SM 122 Tweeter Speaker Driver Working Perfectly I pack as I want to receive ...  More
Magnavox 12" Field Coil with output transformer for 6K6GT Push Pull Output
Here is a Magnavox full range 12" field coil speaker with it's matching output transformer, these are a pull from a Philco console unit. Both are working. Field coil is 650 ohms, I measured VC at 3.4 ...  More
Argos Replacement Volume Control, 70 Volt Input, 8 Ohm Output, 5 Watt, 5 Taps
Argos Replacement Volume Control For use with commercial 70 volt audio systems, the audio transformer has 5 tapoff selections at 8 ohms; 0.33, 0.62, 1.25, 2.5, and 5 watt. Please only place a bid / pu ...  More
NEW Ferrari inspired DWV 75mm (3") carbon fibre High Output mid woofer speaker
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